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Reliable, efficient and cost effective property maintenance

An unusual approach perhaps but it makes perfect sense to us, to our clients and once we have explained what we mean by it, hopefully to you too. We put ourselves in your shoes and think about what, in an ideal world, we would want from a managing agent. As well as what we wouldn’t.

We would look for:

Concise reporting and clear recommendations, not incomplete records and suggestions
Good ongoing communication without difficulties in contacting us
Transparency of costs and fees, not poor, incomplete or incomprehensible reporting
A bespoke strategy for each property rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach
Value for money on works carried out

Perhaps most importantly, from the day that Middleston Management was established we put in place processes and procedures to ensure that we delivered against our promise. That’s why we have a diverse and growing portfolio of clients that spans new builds to listed buildings and ranges from blocks of just a few flats to developments of over 200 flats. Geographically we cover Greater London only.

At the heart of what we do is the fact that Middleston management is a straightforward business. We believe that efficient and effective Middleston management revolves around getting tasks done properly in a timely manner at the right price.

We work with, landlords who are considering us as a managing agent or have property in management with us, the residents (tenants) living in the homes we manage, and everyone else looking for a quote for repairs and maintenance work or to place an order for furniture.

We hope you find the site easy to use, but we always welcome suggestions for improvements so please use the Contact Us facility to send us your comments by email.