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bathroom fittersWe are Bathroom Fitting Specialists in London:

Middleston’s designers help you to create a new bathroom design from scratch. Working alongside you, we try to bring your dreams into reality. Whether you are after excellent mosaic tiling or functional and useful bathroom plumbing, you can count on us.

You can connect with us via the contact us page anytime to request a free no obligation quote. We are not like other construction companies who quote you one thing, then half way to completion claim to have run out of funds. Budgeting is crucial to any well-thought out plan, and we understand how unforeseen costs can be shocking to what would have been a perfect scheme. That is why we guarantee that whatever price you are quoted, is exactly the price you will pay.

It does not matter where in the house you wish to construct your new bathroom. Our planners and designers have been trained to think outside the box. We can come up with unconventional and unheard of remedies and solutions to problems you may have thought were going to stop your project dead in it’s tracks. Whether in an attic or a basement, no problem, here at Middleston, we can figure out the most efficient and professional way to make it happen.

Bathroom fitting service:

Quality plumbing, tiling, electrical, light building and decorating service provided. Sourcing and using only top quality materials and incorporating old-school skills with advanced modern technology to optimize your investment and its longevity. All work performed follows a strict code of practice subject to multi-level quality control procedures throughout all stages to your satisfactory completion.