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Kitchen Refurbishment London

Kitchen refurbishment LondonIs your kitchen lacking it’s initial luster? Losing its vibrant feel and not making you feel at home? Leave it to us.

Your kitchen is the centre piece of the house.
It must be well designed to allow it to be the place where family regroups every day to share meals and talk about their daily events. We feel the kitchen is one of the MOST important rooms in a house.
That is why, when you decide to refurbish your kitchen, it’s important you choose specialist kitchen fitters.
You need a team that is experienced in designed, sourcing and fitting the highest quality materials. Everything must be placed down and fitted smoothly. No damaged corners, scratched doors or snapped handles!

The plumbers must be able to get it right on the first attempt, the electricians need to work in the tightest of spaces to ensure that the kitchen is as attractive as can be, with all pipes and cables hidden out sight.

Here at Middleston, we have been a part of over 150 kitchen refurbishments in London since we started. You can rest assured that we will get the job done in record time, and offer the most competitive rates. Do not take our word for it, check for yourself, call in for your no obligation free quote anytime!


Kitchen Makeover
You may be seeking a kitchen makeover rather than a brand new replacement. In this case we can revamp your kitchen by doing some re-tiling, changing worktops, taps and cupboard doors. You’ll be amazed at how we can improve your kitchen with this kind of work.

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